Is JetX Scam or Not?

Is JetX Scam or Not? – Things You Should Know

Developed by Smartsoft Gaming, JetX is an innovative casino game that takes casino gaming to a new level. It is a fast-paced crash game based on gamers’ predictions and instincts. The concept of the game is to predict how long the rocket will fly and cash out before it crashes. 

It is a simple game that relies on luck to win. JetX is highly volatile, which means you can win big or lose big. Are you looking for more information about the game before diving into it? Is JetX scam or not? This post offers an objective answer to your question. Let us get into the details.

How to Play JetX

Is JetX scam or not? The first step in finding answers to this question is to know how to play the game. To play this game, choose a casino site that offers the game and sign up to play for real money. From your profile, set your bet amount. Note that the minimum bet is $0.10 and the maximum is $250. 

After setting your bet, launch the jet and watch your winning grow. The game is simple but requires you to pay attention. You must stop and withdraw before the plane crashes if you do not want to lose your bet. JetX has no guarantee because no one knows when the plane will explode. 

To minimize losses, choose the Auto mode for a bet and collect. This lets you set the specific time to pull out from the game, even if the plane goes higher than expected. With this, you can limit losses. Note that limiting losses also means limiting winnings. Therefore, you should weigh the risk before deciding.

How the Winnings are calculated?

The winning calculation is easy. It is your wager multiplied by the multiplier, which means the height of the jet and the bet you place. For instance, if you wager $9.00 and collect at x2.07, you win $18.63. 

On the other hand, if you wager the same $9 with a 15.13 multiplier, you win $136.17. You can also play the jackpots, which are in three levels. The jackpot is distributed among the most active gamers in the rounds.

JetX Scam or Not

Now to the big question – is JetX scam or not? JetX is not a scam. First, it uses Random Number Generator (RNG) mechanism, which means the outcomes are fair. The game is not manipulated by the developer and gamers get whatever they win from the game. 

Many players have won significantly playing JetX. According to a casino game player, they have won up to $20,000 while playing the game.


JetX casino game is not a scam. It is developed by a reputable software developer, SmartSoft Gaming, and uses RNG as its gameplay mechanism. While it is not a scam, it is recommended that players exercise caution while playing because the game is highly volatile.

No one knows when the jet will explode, and if it explodes before you pull out of the game, you lose your wager.