Emma Smith
October 8, 2022

Discover the game JetX: Everything you need to know

JetX is a very exciting game that was innovated in 2020. This recent creation is brought to the iGaming market by SmartSoft. It is actually a rocket game available at Cbet online casino. This game is among the best today in terms of online entertainment. With our expertise, we have been able to determine the different features of JetX as well as its advantages. Here is everything you need to know about this SmartSoft innovation and our expert opinion.

Cbet JetX: Free game without registration

On Cbet Jetx it is possible to play for free without making any deposits beforehand. In addition, the player does not need to register to access the game. This option especially allows new gamers to try the game and learn how to play properly. After this trial, they can then register and create an account to bet on a rocket crash. We are sure that many gamblers prefer to play for real money, as the odds of winning are enormous. JetX is one of the most entertaining online casino games today. In the following description we will explain the different features of its graphics.

What are the design features of JetX Cbet?

We were particularly impressed with the graphics of the JetX Cbet game. The ship or rocket starts to take off little by little from a fun and classic airport. JetX Cbet gives you the opportunity to discover how the take-off works with a ship and the planets it travels through. Thus, several elements are involved in the graphics of this entertainment medium. First we have the ship, then the airport, the stars and the planets. All this is presented in an environment full of light, symbols and colours.  This is one of the reasons why many people are interested in this game.

JetX: The plane and rocket game

SmartSoft’s product immerses you in a rather special world with a playful environment. JetX is a plane and rocket game in which the player can bet on the take-off of a ship. When the bet is won, you get an array of coins in your favour. It is a good experience to enjoy the advantages of flying in the game. Cbet assures you of a large percentage payout when you bet on JetX. In addition, it should be noted that enthusiasts have the opportunity to bet with real money. This increases their chances at the online casino. But is JetX also available at other casinos? The answer can be found in the following section.

JetX gambling: is it available at other casinos?

JetX gambling is available at Cbet but Cbet is not the only online casino that offers it.  Players can also play JetX Cbet at other virtual casinos such as Evolve Casino, Azur Casino and Banzai Slots. These are just some of the many examples. This shows that JetX Cbet is not a little known game. It is offered on several entertainment sites and even exists in free mode. However, in our experience, Cbet is the one that offers more bonuses with this game. It allows you to win up to 800 euros with the first deposit; which is not the case at other casinos.

Playing JetX Cbet games on mobile

Playing JetX Cbet games on mobile is not at all impossible or difficult. You just need to pay attention and download the application to your device. It is suitable for smartphones and tablets of any brand. Once the installation is done, you just need to create an account and register. We recommend you follow these steps to play easily online with your mobile device.

What about the JetX games payout ratio?

The payout rate is one of the factors that gets the attention of all gamers at JetX games. It is 97% and this means that you have the possibility to win 97 times on a game. This rate is not the same on all other online games and that is why JetX games is so special. The odds of winning are then very remarkable on the site. So try to find a good winning combination every time to enjoy the wonders of this rocket game.

JetX game: advantages and disadvantages

Just like other online casino games, JetX game has its pros and cons. It is designed with a very attractive and great design. In addition, the chances of winning are high and its level of originality will not cease to impress you. The payout rate is also a very advantageous feature for novices and amateurs. On the other hand, Jeux JetX has the disadvantage of not being available in France. Also, the betting times are relatively short and the player will have to be very quick to get there. Apart from these shortcomings, this game is very beneficial for all iGamers.

Our expert opinion on Jet X games

As experts, our opinion on the rocket game remains positive. Despite being created in 2020, JetX games is an entertainment medium that we recommend you to try. It immerses you in a playful environment and makes you part of the take-off of an incredible spaceship. Thanks to its application, we can play at any time without difficulty. Luck is at hand for all players and they can multiply their bets thanks to the exceptional bonus offers. Take a free trial with JetX Games and you will certainly be thrilled.

What other types of money plane games are there besides Jet X?

There are a variety of online games that have the same features as Jet X. For example, you have Cappadocia, Crash Roobet and Crash Stake. These are all impressive games based on plane and rocket take-offs. Nevertheless, JetX games maintains its place among the best.


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