Using PaysafeCard online casino payment method

PaysafeCard is one of the most popular online payment systems among online gambling enthusiasts. This is obvious because of its simplicity and reliability. Many e-commerce sites and online casinos offer their customers the possibility to use this payment method for all their purchases and deposits. PaysafeCard works in prepaid mode and helps users better manage their spending. It is based in Austria, more precisely in Vienna, and is organised and managed by Paysafe Holdings UK Limited. So what do you know about this payment method and how to use it? We’ll tell you all about it in this article.

General information about the PaysafeCard payment method

PaysafeCard is a very special payment method because of its history and evolution. It offers a wide range of possibilities to its users. In fact, this payment method has not taken long enough to develop worldwide. Its offer has evolved in various countries in less than 5 years. To better understand the generalities of PaysafeCard, our experts present its origin and the different existing forms.

Presentation of the origin of PaysafeCard

The PaysafeCard payment method was created in 2000 and allows its users to make cash and online payments in shops. It is the result of a very close collaboration between four friends. They took the initiative to implement a reliable solution for payment transactions. To this end, they thought of creating a simple and secure tool like PaysafeCard. Customers would have to buy a prepaid ticket before making their transactions. This solution evolved in this way until 2022, when many people were already using it to buy and pay for products online and in cash.

The two forms in which the PaysafeCard payment method is offered

PaysafeCard is a solution available in two main forms. We have tried to give you an overview of each of them to inform you. First, you can have it in the form of a physical card. This card will then be used to make transactions with ease online thanks to its code. The second form is a printed voucher. This is also known as an eVoucher. Thanks to the European Eten credit, the PaysafeCard system is expanding worldwide. These two forms of payment were the basis for the use of this payment method. But it must be said that the story of this solution does not end here. In 2009, PaysafeCard obtained its MasterCard license. This was a great success because this qualification allowed PaysafeCard to offer its services on a wide network. In 2011, everyone could already easily access and use PaysafeCard. So that’s how it spread. Today, we are convinced of the popularity of this payment solution.

Our tips for using PaysafeCard at an online casino

You may be wondering how to use PaysafeCard at an online casino. This payment method has no problems with online deposits. Today, more than 30 online casinos offer this method as part of their payment features. There are also a large number of enthusiasts who prefer to use PaysafeCard to make their various transactions at online gambling sites. Before going into the details of this usage, it is important to find out which casinos accept PaysafeCard.

The different online casinos that offer PaysafeCard

We have compiled a long list of virtual casinos that offer the PaysafeCard payment method. I would like to present them to you so that you can make a choice according to your preferences. Among others, we distinguish Magical Spin, DublinBet, 5Gringos Casino, OnlineBingo, and Casino Joka. These are just some examples and are at the top of our list. You can also make online deposits at other casinos like Monte Cryptos, MyStake, AzurCasino, Cheri Casino, and Prince Ali. The list is quite long and exhaustive. Thus, we have proof that PaysafeCard is very well known and reputed by many online game developers. Find out how to use this payment method to fund your account on a virtual casino platform.

How to use PaysafeCard at an online casino

To make a deposit at a virtual casino, you must first have a user account on the platform. You will then enter the section dedicated to payment methods. Don’t be surprised when you see a long list of suggestions. Browse through this list and select PaysafeCard. You will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter the amount and your code. Finally, you just have to validate the process to complete the transfer. In just a few minutes, your account is credited and you can play for huge winnings. So it’s not a complicated or overly rigid process. On the contrary, you can do it with ease. With this in mind, we can explain the various advantages of this online payment method, not to mention the disadvantages.

All about the advantages and disadvantages of PaysafeCard

PaysafeCard is a very easy and affordable payment solution to use. In addition to being very secure, it ensures that your data is fully protected. This means that online casino players need not worry about their funds being misappropriated. All transactions are verified and well controlled. In addition, players can only spend the credits available in their accounts. This allows them to save money and know how to manage their funds. There is no risk of overdraft when using this online payment method. Our specialists were also impressed with the MyPlus programme. This is a loyalty programme that allows each user to benefit from some exceptional services.

However, one should not forget the disadvantages that come with PaysafeCard. There is no possibility to withdraw money from this payment method. Also, there are some French casinos that do not offer this payment method.