American Express

Our opinion on the American Express online payment method

American Express is an online payment method that was created in 1841 and is now one of the best on the market. It is well known to online gamers and anyone who likes to shop online. In the beginning, AMEX (American Express) was only specialised in the transport of money. This was the only service the company offered to its customers. But gradually, its range of services was greatly expanded. Today, American Express has many users worldwide. The payment cards of this medium are used to pay for travellers’ cheques and other items in various online shops. Thanks to the quality of its services, all users keep appreciating it and give it a good rating. Aware of the stakes involved, online casinos have also included this payment method in their offers. Thus, players can make bets with American Express in order to play and make quite remarkable gains. What do I need to know about the American Express payment method? Our experts will give you the answer in the following lines.

The simplicity of online deposits at an American Express casino

If you want to make an easy online deposit, one of the best options we present to you is American Express. This payment method is particularly suitable for online casino deposits and also for purchases. Many online shops accept it and offer it to their customers. All you have to do is fill in your card details and then confirm the information. The American Express payment method will not require you to follow a long protocol to deposit money and bet at an online casino of your choice. Our specialists have repeatedly proven that the transactions are very affordable and interesting. However, there is one small shortcoming that is important to note in this condition. Deposits are sometimes slow in the USA. We cannot yet give a precise opinion on the reasons. This may be due to a technical problem or issue with the company. But this problem does not occur every time and that is why American Express remains one of the most popular payment methods for all online gambling enthusiasts.

American Express Casino: Fun online with winnings

With American Express Casino, online gambling becomes a matter of passion, joy and love. This is obvious because newcomers and enthusiasts alike enjoy the same benefits. In addition to being easy to use, American Express is also widely spread around the world. This is why it is present on a large number of virtual casinos. Thanks to the various bonuses that they offer, you can win a lot of money while playing.

Everything you need to know about the service and guarantee provided by American Express

As mentioned above, America Express is a payment method that offers everyone the possibility to make online deposits and withdrawals. This electronic card has proven to be very reliable and flawless in terms of service. If you are a new customer and would like to know more about this payment system, simply contact the support team. Many players use the America Express payment method because of its services to add funds or to fund their online casino account.

Not only is America Express a trustworthy company, but it also provides its customers with a certain guarantee. Once you have purchased this virtual card, you can make online payments in complete security. The America Express system uses powerful technology to protect the personal and financial data of its users. This means that your electronic account will not be accessible to strangers. Every player or customer of this online payment method has user rights.  Thanks to their decryption technique, each transaction (deposit, transfer or withdrawal) is protected and the support services intervene when there is any concern.

As a world-renowned brand, America Express provides comprehensive insurance to all its customers and players. This is not the case with other online payment systems. Whether you are a casino player or a regular user, the services and guarantees offered by this e-wallet go beyond the expectations of all gamers.

Which online casinos accept American Express?

Due to its popularity, several casino sites offer this America Express virtual card to their players. According to the research of our experts, there are at least 30 of these types of casinos on the market. Among these online gaming devices, there are those that are equipped with Real Time Gaming casino software. These include the Viking voyage or the T Rex. Some of them are provided with Top Game log, Microgaming or Playtech.

Of course, it must be acknowledged that at least 20 of the thirty casino types are equipped with these software systems. But in terms of casinos, the America Express e-wallet appears on casino sites such as 7RED casino, Supernova casino and Slots Capital Casino. In addition, Golden Lion Casino and 21 Grand are also part of the lot that offer their customers the option of using the America Express payment method. This online payment system is much better known in Asia and the Americas. However, the America Express electronic card is not used on the European continent. You can therefore find it at these online casinos.