How to Win on Jetx

How to Win on Jetx: Strategy to Win, and Some Tricks

JetX is a casino game and is increasingly becoming popular. It was first released on Cbet casino. Since its launch, it has made its way to other casinos. It is a crash game that promises infinite win multipliers.

Are you looking for how to win on JetX? This post is for you. You will learn the best strategy to win and some tricks to use to improve the amount of money you win in the game.

Highlights of How to Win on JetX with the Best Strategy

Before talking about how to win on JetX and the best strategy to use, it is crucial to understand how the game works. The game features a plane/jet’s movement as its gameplay. Your job is to figure out when the plane will explode in mid-air and cash out before this happens.

The jet takes off and steadily flies higher into the air. The higher it flies, the higher the multiplier and the winning attached to it. The game is over when the jet crashes. If you predict accurately and withdraw before the plane crashes, you win the money associated with the multiplier where you cashed out.

However, if you do not withdraw before the crash, you lose your wager. JetX is an RNG-based game, which means winning is determined by luck. In other words, there is no fool-proof strategy that can ensure you win every time you play the game.

Since it uses Random Number Generator mechanics, it is impossible to determine when the game will crash. However, there are game styles you can adopt to ensure you do not risk too much when playing the game.

Top Tricks for Becoming a Successful JetX Player

The first thing to establish is that none of the tricks mentioned in this post guarantees a 100% chance of winning. They are only to minimize the casino edge and help you play with a strategy.

Trick #1: Bet Low on a High Multiplier and Big on a Lower Multiplier

This strategy will achieve two goals. First, it minimizes the risk, and second, it ensures you win consistently to maintain a stable bankroll with a big wager. The low bet is to help you hit a big multiplier that may increase your balance.

For instance, you can bet $6 on a 1.4 multiplier on your left and wager $0.5 on a 30x or even 100x multiplier on the same round bet. The aim is to win big on both ends and reduce losses at the same time. We recommend that you place wagers based on your bankroll.

Trick #2: Play Volatile Game Style and Cash Out Quickly

This game technique means you bet higher than normal and withdraw on a low multiplier. The idea is to withdraw your earnings as soon as you make enough profit. Since you are betting volatile, you can cash out early without getting to higher multipliers. The only issue is that no one knows when the jet can crash.

Trick #3: Apply the Martingale Strategy

This strategy works by starting with small bets and doubling each lost bet. You can start with a $1 bet and progress. The idea is to cover your losses with a big wager when you get lucky and cash out before the plane crashes.


There you have tips and strategies on how to win on JetX. As mentioned, there is no fool-proof strategy to winning any gambling game, including JetX. Therefore, you must be cautious whenever you play the game. Wager money that you can afford to lose.