How to Play JetX

How to Play JetX: Instruction about Strategy How to Play

JetX is a revolutionary casino game like none other. It offers an amazing gaming experience with impressive winning potential. Many casino players have tried their hands on this game and enjoy different levels of success. Are you interested in knowing more about this game? Do you want to know how to play JetX? This post is for you.

What is JetX?

JetX is an online casino game in the crash game category. It was developed by Smartsoft Gaming and is based on a simple mechanism that adds to its success. So, here is how to play JetX. The game features a jet (plane) that launches at the start of each game and steadily gains altitude at a great speed until it explodes in the air.

The higher the jet goes, the higher the winning multiplier associated with it. Your goal in the game is to get out before the plane explodes in the air. If you succeed, you get associated winnings to the multiplier at the level the game stops.

If you are caught in the jet when it explores, you will lose your wager. JetX has an attractive game mechanism that keeps you entertained and enthralled until the end.

How to Play JetX: The Best Strategy

JetX is a simple casino game. All you have to do is to correctly guess when the jet will explode so you can withdraw before then. To play the game, Smartsoft Gaming has created an easy-to-use game interface with numerous features.

A new jet takes off every fifteen seconds, which means you can enter the game at any time. To start the game, place an initial wager before the take-off. You will find the wager button at the bottom of the screen. Set the amount you want to bet and confirm it before the plane takes off.

When you guess the jet is about to explode, quickly click the “Collect” button to collect as many rewards as you can before it explodes. Knowing the perfect time to withdraw determines your success. Withdrawing too late will make you lose your wager.

Also, jumping out too early will make you win only a little, especially if the plane rises higher before it explodes. It is worth mentioning that JetX can accommodate multiple players at the same time. While the game is ongoing, you can view other players’ bets at the right-hand side of the game interface.

You can follow the bets of others and try to copy their strategies, or focus on the game. The best strategy in the game is to avoid jumping out too early or too late. The jet can explore at any time, which means you must be on your toes and watch out.

Do not be greedy and wait for the plane to rise higher so you can collect more money. We recommend that you start with small bets and understand how to play JetX properly. Starting with small bets also minimizes your losses.


Playing JetX is fun and exhilarating. It can win you lots of money, but you have to be careful not to be greedy with your expectation.