The best slot machines with Respins bonuses

In the field of online casino, slot machines are the most dominant games. With the various benefits they provide, they are very popular with many enthusiasts. The most interesting bonuses in online slots are the Respins. These help gamers to maximize their winnings by playing the most advantageous slots. However, novices are not always able to find the best slot machines offering Respins bonuses. That’s why our iGaming specialists provide you with all the details about this type of bonus. How to find these slots? What are Respins bonuses? How do I get one? We answer all these questions in the following lines without forgetting to give our opinion.

What are Respins in online casino slots?

Respins are special bonuses that slot machines offer to their players. They are available in many online games and allow you to hit a large number of winning combinations in a single spin. This is one of the features that motivate fans to bet heavily to win big. Respins bonuses in online slots casinos depend on the symbols and different possibilities of the online casino. On the other hand, they are also favorable for unlocking other winning options. This is the case, for example, with the game Reel Rush. The player will have to get respins a certain number of times to benefit from several ways to win online. Generally, when Respins are activated, some bonus symbols are blocked. Find out here the different principles of winning ways according to the order of Respins.

Order of Respins and Number of Winning Ways

The 1st Respins bonus earned on Reel Rush entitles the player to 125 winning ways. When the second Respins is earned, the number of winning ways increases to 405. The 3rd, 4th and 5th Respins raise the number of winning ways to 675, 1125 and 1875 respectively. Our experts have concluded that the number of times you get the Respins determines the level of winnings you can get. Therefore, these are very favorable bonuses for fans who have invested a maximum of bets in slot machines. They will be able to win a JACKPOT online and enjoy a wider range of possibilities.

The frequency of Respins in online casinos

We would like to point out that Respins are not very regular in online casinos because not all slot machines offer them. Therefore, their frequency is not high. However, if the player discovers a slot machine that offers Respins, it is obvious that this feature appears regularly after getting a winning combination. It may appear 4-5 times in the same game to increase the player’s chances of winning. Other slot machines may offer these bonuses more than 5 times. This depends on their features and bonus conditions. Therefore, we cannot specify an exact frequency for the appearance of Respins in slots in particular and in online casinos in general.

The Respins option instead of free spins in an online casino

In some online casinos, Re-spins are offered instead of free spins. For some gamers, this is not an advantage because they pay more attention and interest to the free spins. However, the presence of Re-spins is still a great asset. In fact, when an online casino does not offer free spins bonuses, they regularly offer Respins in the slots. This makes the slot more enjoyable and exciting for players. Our specialists have tried several online games that only offer Re spins instead of free spins. This is the case, for example, with the Starburst game that regularly offers Respins bonuses to players. Whether you are a newbie or an iGaming enthusiast, it only offers Re spins at a certain number of times. The condition for getting this bonus is the appearance of Wild, an online game symbol. In addition, the frequency of wilds in this slot is regular. This makes it easy to make win and bonus claims.

Free Spins and Respins: Which is the better option?

Our review of these two features will help you decide between them. Free spins are favorable especially for new gamers. They are part of the welcome bonus and allow you to play for free in online casinos. Respins are used to get more winning combinations in slot machines. They are therefore favorable for experienced players who have wagered large sums. The advantage of each feature depends on the player and his profile. In any case, you need a great offer like Re spins to increase your winnings in online slots.

Bonus Respins: Our full review of this offer

The Re spins Bonus is one of those that impressed us among many others. Even though they don’t appear on every slot machine, we have to admit that these bonuses are more well-known. The conditions for obtaining them are very flexible for each online game. That’s why many fans like to take advantage of them. The player can make new bets with the winnings from the Re spins in order to play new games. Moreover, our specialists have selected the best slots that offer this feature. So you can choose according to your preferences and needs. These include the following slot machines:

These are just some of the many examples we have selected to guide you through. It is also important to know that Re spins are not the only bonuses that can be found in these slots.