How Ontario’s iGaming Market will Affect Affiliates

Emma Smith
February 23, 2023

Ontario has made history by becoming the first jurisdiction in Canada to use its new regulatory authorities to develop an iGaming sector. This action has attracted the curiosity of online casino affiliates, keen to understand how the new restrictions will affect their operations. With the implementation of onshore regulation, online casino affiliates should expect changes in how they operate and engage with the Ontario iGaming sector. It remains to be seen how this new regulatory environment will affect their business models. Still, one thing is certain: the Ontario iGaming industry is about to experience a tremendous transformation.

Ontario’s iGaming Milestone

Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, took a momentous step in April 2022 by establishing its iGaming market for domestic sports betting. This opened up many new, onshore betting sites for players within Ontario and brought a great deal of clarity to a previously gray area. Online casinos in Canada were few and far between, although playing offshore was always legal. This led to the strange situation of many Canadians playing at sites based in other countries or on the black market in Canada. While this did mean a lot of choices (as international online casinos were all too happy to welcome Canadian players), it also meant all the revenue generated by these wagers was swelling the coffers of other countries.

Recent legislation enabled provinces to develop their domestic iGaming marketplaces, and Ontario was the first out of the blocks to take advantage of this new opportunity. The advantage for operators is that Ontario has a large population of wealthy citizens and, being English-speaking, is ideally placed for a large number of British and a growing range of American operators. The market has already shown teeth, with regulation breaches by Pointsbet and BetMGM being met with hefty fines.

Understanding the Implications of Recent Changes for Affiliates

The impact on casino affiliates of the new iGaming landscape within Ontario has been that inducements (basically, bonuses) now have to be removed from their websites. This is quite a shift, as promotions are a major aspect of the online casino scene, particularly new player welcome bonuses.

This does not necessarily mean affiliates have had to axe all their promotional information, though some have opted for this approach. Another option has been to impose a geographical restriction to prevent players from Ontario from seeing the information. Affiliates who do not follow the rules can expect to be hit with a substantial fine, as mentioned above.

The Role of Affiliate Marketing in Driving Traffic and Boosting Profits for Online Casinos

Affiliate marketing plays a crucial role in driving traffic and boosting profits for online casinos. By partnering with affiliates, casinos can expand their reach and tap into new audiences they might not have otherwise reached. Affiliates use various marketing techniques to attract potential players, such as creating engaging content, running advertising campaigns, and offering exclusive promotions. These efforts can increase traffic to the casino’s website and ultimately lead to more players and revenue. In return, affiliates receive a commission for each new player they refer to the casino, creating a mutually beneficial partnership that has proven an effective marketing strategy for online casinos. As a result, affiliate marketing has proven to be a game changer in the online casino sector and is expected to play an even more significant role. And these days, affiliates from the biggest Canadian casino brands are giving their best shots to get closer to approval by Ontario.

Affiliates Representing the Top Canadian Casinos are on the Run for Ontario’s Approval

The competition among Canadian casinos is heating up as affiliates representing the best of them are vying for approval from Ontario. With the potential for a significant expansion of the online gambling market in the province, many casinos see this as an opportunity to increase their presence and attract more players. Affiliates are working hard to demonstrate their value to the province and convince regulators that they are the best fit for this new market. As a result, the race is on for affiliates representing Canadian casinos to gain the approval needed to capitalize on this opportunity.

Canadians have long had access to offshore betting sites, but the proliferation of casino platforms in Ontario has helped to increase the number of domestic sites available. Finding the top online casinos in Canada can be easily done by consulting the ultimate Canadian casino guide. This selection of great sites has been independently reviewed, with detailed attention paid to available bonuses, software developers and games, banking methods, and other important factors. In short, it’s an easy and swift way to find the best places to play and spend more time wagering and less searching the internet to sift through online casinos.

Why Ontario Opened up to iGaming

Implementing new Ontario gaming legislation in Canada will impact operators and players substantially. The regulations are intended to safeguard players, boost transparency, and prevent money laundering. While these are admirable goals, the new laws are expected to make it more difficult for Canadian entrepreneurs to conduct business. Furthermore, increasing compliance requirements, including more stringent client due diligence and monitoring for suspicious transactions, would likely increase the administrative burden on operators. Players, on the other side, will profit from these laws by having a more secure real money gaming experience and easier access to player assistance. The new rules will also assist in filtering out dishonest operators, which should improve the industry’s overall reputation. Ultimately, while the new Ontario legislation will provide some hurdles for Canadian operators, it is expected to improve player experience and the industry’s reputation. It’s also quite unsurprising that Ontario was the first part of Canada to establish its iGaming market, as the province is also home to plenty of great real-world casinos.


Finally, a major portion of the best Canadian casino brands will continue to be subject to various regulations and laws depending on the province in which they operate. This highlights the necessity of players and online casinos remaining updated on the regulations and requirements relevant to their local provinces to operate within the law and maintain a fair and transparent online gaming environment.

With the Ontario iGaming market’s success, other provinces within Canada are expected to follow the same path. However, as this is a matter for provincial authorities, the availability of onshore betting within Canada will likely be patchy rather than uniform.

Author Emma Smith