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High Roller Casino Bonuses

Should you be interested in even more high roller casino bonuses, then we have listed the best choices below. All the casinos offer true VIP treatment and the highest bonuses available for high rollers online. Select your online casino now and start playing high stakes casino right away.

About High Roller Casinos

Whales are the nickname casino high rollers over time have been given in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. The brick and mortar casinos have always understood how to make sure casino high roller whales are taken good care of. Luxury suites, personal VIP hostesses, Limousine service, private flights to and from the casino, free show tickets and free casino chips are just a small part of the luxury whales will encounter when visiting a land based casino.

Online casinos are no different than land based casinos. Often they are even better to take care of the big whales than normal casinos. On top of this the online high percentage payout casinos offer the best and biggest high roller bonuses available. Being able to switch between different casino games online within a split second with out having to pass through the whole casino floor is another great advantage online high roller casinos offer their players.

Whales in Las Vegas are good customers. Even they sometimes run away with huge wins the casinos know they will be back to create action on the floor or in the private rooms. A real high rolling whale can create an atmosphere in a land based casino where visitors go totally mad and play for enormous amounts together with the casino high roller. Whales are in this respect also good advertising for a casino as fellow casino players enjoy action. This is what casino play is all about. Enjoying a good time and at the same time has the possibility to run a way with a big score.

One of the most famous whales was Australian media mogul Kerry Packer. When he flew in to Las Vegas the famous Casino Bellagio was his favorite place to stay. The dealers at Bellagio really looked forward to Kerry Packers visits because he was seen tipping up to $1.000.000 even he had lost a big chunk of cash at Bellagio.

Other famous whales frequently visiting Las Vegas are Jerry Bush the owner of L.A. Lakers, Larry Flynt owner of Hustler magazine, Adnan Khashoggi a Turkish arms-dealer and Kamel Nacif who owns a Mexican textile empire. Kamel is said to have lost same amount on baccarat that it did cost to build Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Casino players do not need to be billionaires to be considered for VIP treatment. The amount of time they play and the stakes is the factor who determines how casinos threat players. All game play is properly registered and players just need to ask for a comp and their personal VIP host will look at their game play and determine which form of comp this entitles. Reduced room rates, free meals and show tickets are available to most players.

Online comps are equally given from online casinos to their active and loyal players. An online high roller casino guest can expect to receive a call from his personal hostess who will make sure the player sis taken well care off.

Casino High Roller VIP Service

As a online casino high roller you might ask yourself what it is worth in comps and other benefits when spending time on the table games and wager high amounts per casino play.

First of all each and every online casino high roller will be offered a multitude of high roller casino bonus options. Most casinos have a VIP hostess looking out for true online casino high rollers and will review your account on a daily basis and provide you with a personal service beyond what can be expected in any live casino. The online casino high roller hostesses are professionally trained to make sure customers feel they are taken well care of. Most casinos high roller programs are operated in respect of the behavior of the player. Average betting size, hours of play, games played, amount deposited and many more factors determine the level of casino high roller treatment offered to a single player.

Getting high roller casino bonus offers is something all our casino high rollers will find offered to them directly by a VIP staff member from the online casino. High roller casino bonus offers are always worthwhile accepting as it gives a lot more play and bigger chances of winning progressive jackpots and other great offers from the respective online casinos.

Being an online casino high roller does not require the same level of play as in brick and mortar casinos. Online casinos have some cost beneficial structures where it is easier for them to reward their core players more bonuses than Las Vegas casinos does. Brick and mortar casinos often require $50.000 buy in at tables before players are considered real casino high rollers but online $1000 is more than enough to receive plenty of great offers plus a personal hostess attached to your account. Loyalty pays off when playing at online casinos and it is recommended online casino high rollers to stick to a few different online casinos where they feel comfortable with management and VIP program.

Being an online casino player makes it difficult for the hostesses to offer much more than monetary comps but it all depends on the level of action the high roller casino player gives the online casino.

This is what you as a high roller can ask your preferred online casino for:

• Personal VIP hostess.
• Casino high roller bonus.
• Comp points.
• Free access to casino tournaments.
• Fast email responses or direct VIP phone support.
• Higher table limits

Casino high rollers will very fast establish a good connection with their personal high roller hostess and should never refrain from asking for a comp. Asking is not the same as things will be granted but the VIP team will in a very clear way explain exactly what they can accommodate regarding your inquiry.