How to Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em at Colwood Casino

Emma Smith
September 19, 2022
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Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a popular casino game at Colwood Casino. One reason for its popularity is its low house edge. That means players have better odds of beating the house at its game.

Players in Ultimate Texas Hold’em are not competing against each other but the house. Players have a better chance of winning because the game has one of the lowest house edges at about 2%. The first step to playing this game is understanding the basic rules, especially the hand rankings. 

Why You Should Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em at Colwood Casino

  • Players have a high potential to win big
  • It is fast and takes a few minutes to play from start to finish
  • It is fun to play with friends or foes
  • It has a low house edge of about 2% when using the basic strategy
  • It is similar to regular Texas Hold’em

How to Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em at Casino Colwood

You can play the game with up to six players, excluding the dealer. The game uses the regular 52-card deck, and each player must post a blind and an ante before the start of each hand. You will see the minimums and maximums posted at the Elements Casino Colwood.

Understand that your wager must be the same for both. Also, know this will serve as the base for subsequent wagers as the hand continues. It is best to bet a small amount at the beginning and gradually increase it. It is essential to mention that you can adjust your wager as you become more comfortable at Casino Colwood

After placing the first Ante and Blind bets, the dealer will give each player two cards and the same two cards for the dealer. Players can bet three to four times the Ante and put the wager in the Play box or check.

After this round, each player receives a flop and can check or bet two times the Ante wager. Following this, the turn is dealt and then the river. The player has the last option of folding the hand or betting an equal amount to the Ante in the Play box.

When you fold after the dealer dealt the river, you automatically lose your Ante and Blind bet. The remaining players and dealer will then turn their cards at the table. The player with a better Texas Hold’em hand wins the Play bet for the amount wagered.

It is worth mentioning that there are optional bets, and they vary from one Colwood casino to the other. Players can optimize their wager in the Play box when they learn the basic strategy of the game. 

What is the Best Strategy for Ultimate Texas Hold’em?

The first thing is to understand the rules of the game. When you visit Elements Casino Colwood, request a copy of the game rules to see if it is different from what you know. We recommend that you watch a couple of hands before you start playing.

It is also best to bet the maximum allows before the flop to increase your winning. Note that if you blindly bet four times your wager, the house edge increases to about 14%. The house edge also increases when you do not bet at the right times. 

River Strategy: While this can be tricky, even when you memorize what to do, you can still increase your chances. It is best to bet an equal amount of your Ante if you have a better or hidden pair.

You should also bet the same if the dealer has less than 21 outs to beat you. It may be difficult to determine the number of outs the dealer has to beat you, but with more practice, it becomes easier for you to determine.

Pre-flop: The smart strategy with pre-flop is to bet two times on the flop if you have a hidden pair, better, two pair, or a flush draw with a hidden better or ten. A hidden pair means there is not a pair on the board, and you are using at least one of your hole cards to make the pair.


Playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em at Casino Colwood is fun. The rules are easy to master. You can also master the strategy with consistent practice. When you do, you significantly reduce the house edge to about 2% in the game. Although this may not guarantee you will be a long-term winner, you will have a better chance of winning than in other games. 



Author Emma Smith