How to Bet on Blackjack at Argyle Casino

Many variants will determine how much you bet on a game of blackjack at Argyle Casino. The determinants of the amount you bet in the game include the game rules, your gambling strategy, bankroll, and the range of available wagers. Others include intangible things, such as your preference for the game and your mood at the time. 

Truth be told, no one can tell you how much you can bet in a game, including when playing in an Argyle Casino poker room. It all depends on you. However, there are important considerations to help you determine the actual amount you should bet per hand.

Understanding the Bet Sizes at the Blackjack Table in a Casino Argyle

Most blackjack tables in a Casino Argyle have a minimum bet of about $10. Of course, you can find some tables offering as low as $5 as a minimum bet table. The maximum bets can be as high as you can imagine. You may find high-limit tables allowing wagers of up to $5,000 per hand, or even more. 

VIP tables can set their maximum bet by discussing it with the casino staff before the game. With a wide variety of available wagers, it is difficult to decide on what to bet. 

However, when you know what a sensible bet is to you based on your game of choice, you can determine what to bet when playing at an Argyle casino Edmonton. Here are some tips on how to determine how much you should bet when gambling in the Argyle open casino.

Tip #1: Bet small if you have a Small Bankroll

While this is obvious, many gamblers still find it difficult to do. If you have a bankroll of $200, you can play many hands of blackjack at Argyle Casino. You only need to find the right game and play at a slower pace. You can check any other Argyle Casino poker room, if your preference is poker, and you will be amazed at how many low-limit games you will find. 

You can find a table with a $3 minimum bet and when you play this game with a good strategy, you can reduce your losses to $0.015 per hand. With this, you can play up to 13,200 hands before blowing your $200. That is like spending $1.28 per hour. You can get over 150 hours worth of game with your $200 if you play it right.

Tip #2: Bet Maximum if you are an Advantage Gambler

Players with skills in counting cards, perfect blackjack strategy, and more insight into the game are advantage gamblers. If you are one of these people, you should leverage your advantage and bet maximum. Bet as much as Casino Argyle will allow for each hand. 

However, it is crucial to know that it is impossible to consistently beat blackjack. You will have some losing streaks. Therefore, do not overdo it. The bottom line is you should maximize your bets as much as possible when you have the advantage to increase your chances of winning.

Tip #3: Have a Unit Bet Size as a Beginner Blackjack Player

As a beginner, you do not have to bother your head about how much to bet per hand. Your priority is to follow the fundamental bankroll strategy. You must create a unit bet and stick to it. For instance, you can set a wager of about $5 per hand, depending on your bankroll, and should never bet more or less than that. 

Managing your bankroll this way is highly beneficial. It becomes easier to track your gambling spending and progress. You also save yourself the stress of determining what to bet per time and just focus on using the best strategy for your game.

Tip #4: Bet whatever you want if you are Rich

Rich bettors have no reason to worry about money. Betting in the 10s and 20s is not their thing. They deal more with the thousands ranges. Therefore, if you have the money to throw around at Argyle Casino Edmonton, then you can indulge. 

If your net worth is $10 billion, for instance, playing a $200,000 blackjack hand only represents 0.02% of your wealth. On the other hand, someone who makes $75,000 per year and bets $10 on a blackjack hand has spent 0.013% of their wealth. There you have the difference. 


It is difficult to give a specific figure on how much a gambler should bet on blackjack at the Argyle open casino. This post looks at different factors to consider and hopefully when next you visit Argyle Casino, you know how to calculate what to bet based on your bankroll.