Top Attractions of Rocky Mountain Club

Well, who says casino games are the only fun game to gamble on? Live horse racing is definitely a delight for horse lovers too. Are you a resident of Lethbridge or anywhere in Alberta? Do you love betting on horse racing in Rocky Mountain?

It may interest you to know that live horse racing is back at Rocky Mountain Turf Club. From 1 pm to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday, you can visit Rocky Mountain Turf Club to watch live horse racing.

You can make it a whole family affair and the best part is there is no admission fee. You may also opt to watch Rocky Mountain Turf Club live stream instead of visiting. You are sure not to miss any action from the comfort of your home.

What More can you do at Rocky Mountain Turf Club?

That is where the top attractions come from! You can do more than watch live horse racing at Rocky Turf Club. Are you a great casino fan? This destination has got you covered. You will find exciting casino games that will entertain you at this venue. 

Rocky Mountain Casino is a place to visit for slots, video lottery, and Pari-Mutuel wagering. Let us look at these attractions one after the other. If you are also looking for somewhere to relax and have fun without gambling, you will find a cool spot at this venue.

Also known as the Bullys Casino, you will find great combinations of games that will fulfill your adventurous spirit. For a start, you will find an amazing collection of sensational slots that will delight your gaming sense.

The casino is open 24 hours each day and you can play slots to your heart’s content. You will find happy hour prices for the daily special. These come with great cheers and food as you spin the wheels and anticipate the outcome.

Players are eligible for winner edge daily and monthly rewards. You can sign up for a reward card at the Cash Cage if you do not have one.

If you are in for some lucky dip kind of thing, the Video Lottery Terminals at Rocky Mountain Casino beckons to you. The VLTs are electronic gaming machines generally placed in lounges, bars, and other venues across Alberta.

Video Lottery Terminals are different from slot machines in-game and betting styles. They are also different in redemption process and maximum rewards. Why not give it a try the next time you visit Rocky Mountain Turf Club? Luck may be on your side and you get to win big.

It is one thing to watch Rocky Mountain Turf Club live stream for fun. It is another to put your money where your excitement is. Pari-Mutuel Wagering allows you to do that. This gaming experience brings horse racing from across the world and other sports events.

You will find several flat screens for your sporting and racing needs at the venue if you are visiting physically. You can also wager virtually and watch your favorite event through live streaming.

While there are professional gamblers, some are new to the terrain. For this group, understanding how gambling works and how to get the best out of playing is crucial. That is what GameSense is all about. It offers information on the differences between games and details about the randomness and odds in gambling.

You will find several resources and tools to help you become a better player on the game platform. If you are new to gambling, you should take advantage of the resources available through GameSense at Rocky Mountain Turf Club.

This is the first casino rewards program in Alberta. When you join the program, you can get up to 500,000 bonus points as a welcome gift to the program. You can use these bonus points to access games and other services at the Rocky Mountain Turf Club. Note that you have to redeem the bonus points within 60 days of receipt.


Rocky Mountain has a lot to offer its esteemed clients. For game lovers, you will find tons of gaming products, including casino games, horse racing, video lottery terminals, and more. This destination is also a great place for fun activities.

You can have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner served on a platter of gold at Bullys. If your interest is in off-track betting or Xpress betting, this platform offers everything you need.