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Canada Casino IndexOur Canada Casino Index website is a fully comprehensive directory and guide to every casino in Canada. We have paintakingly put together this information, grouping the casinos within each province and providing the most up to date information on their location, facility and every possible amenity they provide. We hope you find it useful when searching for the ultimate casino in Canada to make your visit and gambling experience all the more enjoyable.

Casinos, Racinos and Slots Centres

Casino gaming in Canada has become a very popular pastime in all the provinces of the country in the past 35 years. Casinos along with Racinos and Slots Centres are located in the most remote areas imaginable across this vast country giving communities year round enjoyment and a community focal point.

Casinos are a major form of income generation and employment for the aboriginal First Nations attracting visitors to areas of natural beauty throughout the year.

Gambling Options and Entertainment

Town centres have become lively through the activities of casinos and slots centres with visitors enjoying affordable entertainment in a secure environment.

Commercial businesses thrive as more visitors come to enjoy the shopping malls and amenities around the casino entertainment centres.

Gambling options in Canada include online and brick and mortar casinos, bingo, slot machines, lottery tickets, simulcast betting and live betting on a variety of horse racing events. You find a great overview here on Canada Casino Index.

Casinos and bingo halls tend to be connected to certain hotels or located in community centres attracting a higher volume of visitors than they would without this vibrant form of entertainment.

Entry to gaming establishments is free of charge in Canada and the dress code is relaxed except in certain large casinos in Quebec that require visitors to be smartly dressed.

These easy conditions for entry allow guests to make a last minute decision to visit and enjoy all the amenities on offer in the casinos such as dining, live entertainment and lounge bars with live sports broadcasts.

Canada Casino Index provide dress code information for all Canadian casinos.

Casinos and bingo halls offer thrilling entertainment and a friendly meeting place for the people in the community as well as visitors passing through.

Stag nights, birthday parties, weddings and fund raisers are all events that take place in the thrilling environment of casinos with full catering and outstanding hospitality staff.

Casinos and racinos often have ballrooms, meeting rooms and convention centres for use by businesses and private people and organizations making them a focal point in the area.

Exhibition centres attract large numbers of people to the area and the availability of exciting casino entertainment adds value to the attractions.

Accommodation and Extras

Guests can usually sign up to a reward scheme earning points and benefits from regular visits to the venue making the entertainment even more exciting. Casinos, slots centres and Racinos nearly always feature eateries, some with fine dining options as well as lounge bars.

A licensed lounge bar with a food menu helps to set the scene for guests to relax and enjoy the company of friends and colleagues. Casinos are fun places with multiple amenities suitable for group visits and bus tours and are affordable excursion destinations for senior citizens.

Stay and Play packages with incentives are offered to the public creating business opportunities for hotels and restaurants, bus companies and local retailers, as well as the casinos themselves.
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